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Welcome to Beach Ball Lights.
These are custom made in a beach ball factory: The standard process has however been altered with the addition of a transparent window to one side, and an extra screw valve through which our air-tight lighting element pases before inflation.

Beach Ball ights are available in two versions: as pendant / ceiling lights or as floor / table lamps. When lit, the LED bulb emits a glow all around and shines a warm light out through the transparent window.

Whether as a single statement piece, or as a large cluster, put some real sunshine into your world with our unique Beach Ball Lights!


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Real inflatable Beach Ball Lights! Joyous focal pieces that bring colour and cheer to any environment. 

Beach Balls are a universal symbol, a cultural architype, and Beach Ball Lights appeal on a instinctive level bringing happiness and healing.

This project explores the ambiguities and coincidences around objects, gently exploring boundries to playfully pick at the perceptions of things. Beach Ball Lights do somehow have a resonace as artefacts: They seem to really 'make sense', and through that connection they add personality and life to a space.



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